Summary of the current requirements for information security of critical infrastructure such as energy and comparison of approaches to governmental regulation of information security issues in Russia and the USA.
Research of the Russian market of active energy complexes — microgrids for commercial and industrial consumers, an overview of the global market for C&I microgrids, a guide to the pilot project (regulatory experiment) for the creation and operation of active energy complexes
The result of the "People of the Digit" humanitarian project implemented by the team of the EnergyNet Infrastructure Centre. In the form of an interview, six active participants, professionals from different spheres, in the formation of digital energy in Russia present their positions.
Results of the market research for energy solutions in South-East Asian countries, promising product areas, and recommendations for Russian companies.
Review of global practices for the use of energy storage systems (ESS) in the electric power industry, specification of the market structure and volumes for the use of ESS in Russia, economic models of ESS use cases, regulatory barriers and how to overcome them.
Assessment of the demand management market in Russia, description of the regulatory experiment launched in 2019, and leadership strategy in the new market.
Innovation, a magazine about innovation activities
Assessment of the development potential of the energy hydrogen market in the world, technological barriers in the field of hydrogen energy, the strategy of Russia’s participation in the rapidly emerging market of energy hydrogen and hydrogen technologies.
Preliminary description of the architectural approach to organising new generation energy systems, conceptual model, and architectural diagrams of three subsystems (Transactive Energy, Neural, Grid, IoT).
Assessment of the development potential of the ESS market in the world and in Russia, the main areas of ESS application, assessment of the expected economic effect from the large-scale use of ESS in Russia, promising technologies, regulatory barriers.
Assessment of the potential for development of distributed energy in Russia and its role in substituting large-scale investments with regard to dozens of thermal power plants (TPP) introduced 40−50 years ago and approaching the end of their resource life.
Atomic expert No.5
Energy policy, No.5
Digital substation, No.10
Energoexpert, No.4
Key information and analytical articles and notes prepared by the EnergyNet Infrastructure Centre in 2019. Main topic: new business practices in the electric power industry.
Key information and analytical articles and notes prepared by the EnergyNet Infrastructure Centre in 2019. Main topic: digital transformation of the electric power industry in Russia and worldwide.
Special aspects of the digital transformation of the electric power industry in Russia, a priority solution to the problem of increasing the efficiency of the use of energy capacities, the feasibility of developing and implementing the concept of the Internet of energy, and regulatory barriers to the digital transformation of the electric power industry in Russia.
In the form of analytical articles and science fiction stories, the book presents scenario studies of the impact of technological development on the economy and society in Russia and worldwide all the way up to 2035, as well as a look at the prospects of individual technological areas. In particular, our vision of the development of new energy is given in the chapter "Time for an Energy Revolution".
Interview with the SDC (Strategic Development Centre)
Science and technologies in Russia
EAI Endorsed Transactions
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