1. The document must be composed in .pptx or .pdf format, slides must be in Russian.
2. The title (name) of the file must begin with the number of the technical session, then, after an underscore, there must be an indication of the date of presentation in accordance with the conference programme, the author’s surname, and the word 'presentation'.
Example: 'ТС1_171 020_Иванов АВ_ презентация'

Technical session numbers:
TC1 — New Sources of Energy and Flexibility
TC2 — Distributed Power Generation: Microgrids, Aggregators, Communities
TC3 — Hydrogen Energy and Industry Synergy
TC4 — New Market Design and New Services
TC5 — Digital Electrical Distribution System
TC6 — End-to-End Technologies — Cybersecurity

3. Required format — 16×9.
4. Recommended fonts — Arial, Verdana, Tahoma.
5. Font size — no less than 18pt, line spacing — no less than 1.2.
6. The document may contain embedded links to video files (if any).
7. The document must be:
 — factually accurate and contain reasonable conclusions;
 — audience-oriented;
 — devoted to problems directly related to the topic of the corresponding Technical session;
 — divided into logically constructed parts;
 — broad enough to cover the stated topic of the report, but not so broad as to tire the addressee;
— comprehensible, demonstrative and have an attractive design.
8. As the presentation time is limited (no more than 5−7 minutes), it is recommended to limit the document to 8−10 slides.

Illustrative materials must be sent to info@internetofenergy.ru no later than 11 November 2020.

The submission (sending) of illustrative materials to the Technical Committee implies, by default, the consent of the author (s) to publish the materials on the energynet.ru website (in the form of video presentations).
Requirements for the design of illustrative materials
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