Flagship projects
Major and backbone projects of the EnergyNet National Technology Initiative (NTI) receive state support based on Decree No.317 of 18 April 2016 "On Implementation of the National Technology Initiative". The projects that received support are presented below.
Digital PDA (Power Distribution Area) - Yantarenergo
The project goals are to develop prototypes of basic commercial technologies for the target model of Digital PDA (a scalable business model of a grid distribution company that surpasses similar companies in the United States in terms of aggregate technical and economic indicators), and development of technologies based on dedicated pilot zones. In addition, the project provides for the verification of the possible technical and economic effect and target indicators of the grid company model, as well as the creation of initiatives to adjust the current regulatory and technical documentation and regulatory legal acts for the subsequent replication of the project results.
Year of support: 2018
Status: completed
Internet of energy architecture
Internet of energy architecture is a type of ­decentralised electric power system, which implements intelligent distributed control to be carried out through energy transactions between its users.
Website: idea-go.tech
Solid-state storage power plants (SSPP) for industrial energy storage. The principle of SSPP operation is based on the consumption of electricity for lifting loads to a height of several hundred metres and electricity generation when lowering the loads under the force of gravity. Unlike pumped-storage power plants (PSPP), an SSPP does not require a water source or a difference in elevation.
The world’s first portable source of electricity — a generator called Topaz — will significantly surpass storage batteries by its characteristics. It is capable of continuously generating electricity from fossil fuels (for example, natural gas) at the ambient temperature of -40 to +50 degrees. A prototype has been created which has a lower specific weight and huge energy intensity. The most powerful storage battery today is capable of delivering about 200 watt-hours per kilogram of weight, while Topaz provides 3,000 watt-hours.
∀Platform is a digital tool platform for the development, implementation, and provision of a runtime environment for applied control systems for intelligent distributed energy. ∀Platform is designed to provide consumers with high-quality low-cost mechanisms for providing access to the full range of capabilities and functions of energy entities — from production and storage of energy sources to comprehensive asset lifecycle management.
Kanatokhod (Rope-walk)
The Kanatokhod integrated facility includes an unmanned helicopter-type transport platform, diagnostic and maintenance modules, as well as software and an automated expert system for detecting violations. The system makes it possible to carry out detailed monitoring and maintenance of power transmission lines in automatic mode. Its implementation will make it possible to move from scheduled preventive maintenance to repairs "as needed", make precise investments in specific problem areas and extend their service life. Automatic diagnostics will also reduce the impact of the human factor, decrease the number of accidents, and eliminate industrial deaths.
Year of support: 2018
Status: completed
Year of support: 2018
Status: implementation
Website: topaz.center
Year of support: 2018
Status: implementation
Website: a-platform.ru
Year of support: 2019
Status: implementation
Year of support: 2019
Status: implementation

Comprehensive projects

In 2018, at the EnergyNet NTI international strategic session, the need was identified to launch comprehensive pilot projects to refine the technical, economic, organisational and regulatory aspects of new business practices in the electric power industry.

Six project areas were identified:
 — Active energy complexes;
 — Demand management aggregators;
 — Power supply to isolated and remote areas;
 — Use of energy storage systems;
 — Digital distribution electrical networks;
 — User services.

Project groups have been established for each area, proposals have been formed to remove regulatory barriers for the development of new business practices, and benchmark projects are being carried out or prepared for implementation.
Active energy complexes
Group Leader
K. A. Datsko
The active energy complex (AEC) is a micro-power system (microgrid), which includes an energy source and several consumers and is connected to the grid organisation’s electrical network via a connection point with monitored (controlled) parameters.
The business practice to organise an AEC increases the economic efficiency of the energy supply to the group of consumers comprising the AEC through the use of modern management technologies and a special procedure for payments for network services.
Demand management aggregators
M. A. Kuleshov
Demand management aggregators are organisations that consolidate retail consumers' ability to change their own consumption and convert it into goods and services in the electricity, capacity and system services markets, as well as transmit part of the resulting effect to these consumers.
The business practice of demand management not only allows consumers and aggregators to obtain a commercial effect from participating in new services, but also ensures a gradual increase in system efficiency by substituting expensive peak generation, as well as reducing certain types of reserves.
Power supply for isolated and remote areas
Improving the efficiency of power supply to isolated and remote areas can be achieved through the use of renewable energy sources, various flexibility resources, and intelligent control systems.
It is necessary to confirm this vision in practice, as well as create administrative and regulatory conditions for the wide-scale use of the best technological solutions and practices.
Application of electrical energy storage systems
There are many potential applications for energy storage systems (ESS) in the electric power industry. As a result of the decrease in ESS cost in the medium term, their mass use will become economically feasible. To ensure that Russian ESS developers and manufacturers are prepared for market growth, it is necessary to refine the practice of creating and operating ESSs based on a series of pilot projects, as well as establish regulatory conditions to increase the commercial return from their usage.
Digital electrical distribution networks
Comprehensive transformation of the distribution network infrastructure based on digital modelling and design tools using modern switching technologies and new approaches to topological network organisation and intelligent control systems creates the opportunities to significantly improve the reliability and quality of the power supply and form a basis for developing distributed energy without increasing the tariff load on consumers. This approach requires confirmation in a series of pilot projects, as well as further regulatory consolidation.
User services
New technologies in the energy sector will only be in demand when they start bringing additional value to consumers and other users of the energy infrastructure. To this end, it is necessary to create an industry for the production of user services, and the basic tool of any service consists of accounting and settlement operations, which can be significantly automated through the use of distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts. A number of pilot projects are needed to master and demonstrate the practice of organising modern user services in the electric power industry.
Group Leader
Group Leader
S. S. Anfimov
Group Leader
D. A. Korev
Group Leader
O. M. Dubnov
Group Leader
M. S. Andronov

Technological projects

One of the most important tools for the development of the EnergyNet ecosystem is "seed investment" among technology companies implementing projects aimed at overcoming technological barriers of the EnergyNet roadmap. This support tool has been implemented on the basis of the Innovation Support Fund. Get familiarised with small- and medium-sized companies whose projects received NTI support in the sphere of EnergyNet.

Company: Entels LLC

Digital platform for the interaction of market participants in settlements on the REM (retail electricity market) based on smart metering systems for analysis and monitoring of technological processes based on power consumption data

Novaya tekhnika
Website: entels.ru
Company: Refactor-X LLC
Development of a software platform for maintenance and repair taking into account the data on the actual condition of the equipment Reparatio360
Website: refactorx.ru
Company: KEB LLC
Development of a software and hardware complex for intelligent monitoring and control of electrical grids at connection points and electrical substations with a level of 35 kV and below, with the ability to regulate the AC load and control the quality of electrical energy.
Development of a cloud platform for monitoring and assessing the technical condition of power engineering equipment.
Website: info-pro.ru
Creation of a universal domestic IoT platform for remote monitoring, telemetry and M2M interaction with open source code for use in the energy sector and in industry.
Development of NTI — V (2019)
Laboratory of the Future
Development of NTI — IV (2018)
Company: OKBTM LLC
Creation of a cryogenic energy storage prototype with a low energy consumption cost and a large citation resource for industrial enterprises
Website: okbrtm.ru
Компания: Laboratory of the Future LLC
Automatic maintenance system for electrical networks
Company: EC Continuum CJSC
Intelligent cluster system for accounting and quality control of electrical energy
Company: Mediavizor LLC
Modular energy storage devices with a low energy consumption cost, a large resource of work (citation) for use in industry, high-power transport charging infrastructure, backup drives of power plants and mobile energy storage facilities
Website: mediavisor.ru
Development and preparation of serial production of the device for accelerating the action of CBFP (circuit breaker failure protection) and diagnostics of the high-voltage switch operation.
Website: decima.ru
M12 systems
Development of NTI — III (2018)
Company: NPO SKK LLC
Demonstration sample of a power plant based on a latent hydrogen storage system and a device for its generation "on site on request"
Website: sskgroup.ru
The software and hardware complex for adaptive optimal control of the operating modes of the electrical network district
Website: systel.ru
Optical measuring voltage transformer for a distributed network such as smart grid and digital substations 0.4−500 kV
Website: m12systems.ru
Device for primary regulation and control of power flows in microelectric power plants with renewable energy sources
Website: vdmtech.ru
Development of a cross-platform intelligent energy metering system with the technological ability to control quality and limit power to consumers based on wireless technologies and the Internet of Things
Company: BashUTS LLC
Website: bashuts.ru
Development of a service for IoT monitoring and management of the technical condition of power equipment based on the actual condition
Company: StalKonstruktsiya LLC
Development of a software and hardware complex based on wireless intelligent sensors for predictive control of urban heating networks and consumers using a "digital twin" of transmission facilities and energy consumption.
Website: suitc.ru
Development of an autonomous micro-turbine plant with a capacity of 2.5 kW based on the Tesla turbine
Company: NPP-Tekhnoavtomat LLC
Development and manufacture of intelligent modules for primary regulation of the power balance of distributed generation and energy storage systems for digital energy networks with open architecture
Company: EnergoRazvitie Engineering Centre LLC
Development of a digital system for remote diagnostics of ice deposits on wires of 6−35 kV power transmission lines
Website: antraks.ru
Other Programmes
Development of NTI — II (2017)
Company: Other Programmes LLC
Development of the Smart Infrastructure Management cloud system for monitoring energy consumption by residential and office building infrastructure based on the Internet of Things technology
Website: dprogram.ru
Company: NPP Donskiye tekhnologii LLC
System for diagnostics and protection of equipment from developing damage in electrical installations of box-type design
Website: don-tech.ru
Company: ServiceSoft Engineering TulGU LLC
Development of a set of tools for remote diagnostics of power grid equipment using IoT technologies (e-Energy)
ServiceSoft Engineering TulGU
Development of a IoT platform for monitoring and managing the technical condition of power engineering equipment based on the actual condition
Website: balansmash.ru
Company: Mikrofotonika LLC
Development of a MEMS electric current converter for intelligent systems for diagnostics of power grid equipment
Company: I-TOR LLC
Non-invasive smart sensors for high-voltage power transmission lines and digital
Website: i-tor.ru
Company: INSYTE-management LLC
Development of a global multi-purpose integrated system for effective management of energy resources
Website: insyte.ru
Company: NPO QuintTech LLC
Development of highly efficient tandem solar cells based on crystalline silicon and semiconductor perovskite-type materials
Website: qtsolar.com
Company: Modern Reforming Systems LLC
Development of a metering system for electricity and micropayments based on distributed ledger technology
Website: onder.tech
Company: StroyProgress LLC
Development of a multi-parameter adaptive weather-dependent intelligent system for managing the engineering infrastructure of buildings and structures aimed at reducing energy (heat) consumption for centralised heating
Company: NPP Mars-Energo LLC
Multifunctional reference standard facility for verification and calibration of measuring channels at the digital substation at operation locations
Company: R&D Centre TFTE LLC
Investigation of the possibility to use silicon wafers obtained by means of Bridgman technology for high-performance heterostructural solar cells
Website: tf-tc.ru
Company: ASKh LLC
Development of a system for collecting and processing information from electricity metering devices with a secure radio communication channel
Company: NTTs Tekhmashinter LLC
Development of a KORONA-M device for remote diagnostics of power grid equipment
Intelligent metering systems for electrical energy (ready for industrial production)
Development of NTI - I (2016)
Company: Power Electronics LLC
Development of a charging station for electric vehicles of type 2 and 3 according to GOST R IEC 61 851−1 — 2013 standard with integration into the charging infrastructure using V2G technology (Vehicle-to-Grid)
Website: epowerlab.ru
Development of micro-grids based on hybrid gas-generating electrical installations
Company: SOLEX-R LLC
Development of a low-concentration solar power plant with heat recovery from crystalline double-sided solar modules, operating at increased ambient temperatures
Website: solex-r.ru
Company: Modern Technologies LLC
Creation of an information and analytical platform for modelling and investment assessment of intelligent energy systems
Website: envest.ru
Optimal management system for the energy enterprise’s production assets taking into account risks of failure in real time
Website: astra-best.ru
Development of a digital multi-agent control system for an intelligent electric distribution network based on the information and control platform KOTMI-14 and a set of calculation and analytical programs RersPC
Website: pites.ru
Company: Promintel LLC
Development and creation of a wind power unit with a vertical axis, modifications that ensure efficient functioning in a distributed smart grid network
Website: promintel.com
R&D for creation of an information management system for locally zoned power systems (Microgrid)
Website: rtsoft.ru
Company: Open Code LLC
Development of an experimental model of a hardware and software complex for monitoring power grids and intelligent management of engineering infrastructure in real time
Website: o-code.ru
Company: ISK Engineering Systems LLC
Development of a cyber-physical system for intelligent monitoring of energy supply in a "smart city" based on wireless sensor network technology
Engineering Systems
Company: Tornado MS LLC
Development of a multi-agent device for mode and emergency control automatics of power systems with distributed small generation
Company: NPP Politekh-Avtomatika LLC
Development of a prototype of a software and hardware complex for model predictive control of energy consumption based on the concept of a distributed energy-saving station
Website: pt-a.ru
Development of an energy router for energy systems of the future
Website: erouter.ru
Company: ROSAR LLC
Intelligent system for operational monitoring of the risks of failure during the operation of a high-voltage oil-filled transformer by measuring the performance characteristics and analysing the quality of the transformer oil in real time
Company: Promeltekh LLC
Development of an automated power supply control system for an industrial site (oil region) based on a dynamic information model of the power system
Website: promelteh.ru
Company: Klastek LLC
Development of a multiparametric system for consumption forecasting and automatic control of electrical energy generation and storage facilities in real time
Website: clustech.ru
Company: NIOL LLC
Development of an electric current converter for high-voltage networks based on MEMS technologies
Company: NTP Technosoft-M LLC
Development of a system for assessing the quality of electrical energy in electrical grids
Company: NESK LLC
Development of basic technologies and designs based on active electrodes of ultrathin mesoporous fibres and conductive carbon coatings for capacitor-type energy storage (NECT)
Company: ARG International LLC
Development of an open platform for managing the infrastructure of residential buildings in real time based on Internet of Things technologies
Company: Movicom LLC
Development of a software and hardware complex for storage battery management
Website: movicom.ru
Regulatory projects
As part of the implementation of the action plan to improve legislation and remove administrative barriers in order to ensure implementation of the National Technological Initiative in the EnergyNet direction, as approved by Order No.1526-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 9 June 2020, the following activities have been / are being implemented:
Determination of the legal functioning status of active energy complexes as part of the UES of Russia, establishing the specific features of their participation in the markets of electrical energy, capacity, and related services.
Active Energy Complex (AEC)
Goal: To develop active energy complexes
LSI type: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation
Date of issue: 21 March 2020 No.320
Expected result:
Determination of technical requirements for the controlled connection of active energy complexes, including functional requirements, requirements for the quality of regulation of the external flow of an active energy complex and for other mode parameters provided by a controlled connection, safety requirements, requirements for the reliability of the software and hardware complex of a controlled connection, information security requirements, requirements for measurement locations, and requirements for the type of measuring equipment.
Goal: To establish technical requirements for a controlled connection of active
energy complexes with an energy system
LSI type: Order of the Ministry of Energy of Russia
Date of issue: 30 June 2020 No.507
Expected result:
Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
Clarification of the issues relating to the use of electrical energy storage systems in the circulation of electrical energy, capacity, and related services
Goal: To develop the electrical energy storage systems market
LSI type: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation
Date of issue: September 2020
Expected result:
Demand response aggregators
Determination of the conditions for implementation of a pilot project for the creation (development) of organisation/aggregators for supply and demand response, ensuring the unification of consumers with the controlled load, distributed generation, and storage facilities for their joint participation in the wholesale and retail electricity markets.
Goal: To develop the demand management market
LSI type: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation
Date of issue: 20 March 2019 No.287
Expected result:
Determination of the status of electrical energy demand management aggregators as subjects of the electric power industry and participants in the wholesale market, including owners of electrical energy storage systems, and the specifics of their participation in the sale and purchase of electrical energy and power.
Goal: Demand management market development
LSI type: Federal Law on amendments to the Federal Law "On the Electric Power Industry"
Date of issue: September 2020
Expected result:
Determination and detailing of the conditions for electrical energy demand management aggregators to participate in the sale and purchase of electrical energy and power.
Goal: To develop the demand management market
LSI type: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation
Date of issue: November 2020
Expected result:
Digital grids
Determination of scenario conditions for implementation of an experiment (pilot project) to improve the reliability and quality of power supply to consumers by introducing new technologies and optimising the activities of grid organisations in at least 2 regions of the Russian Federation.
Goal: To improve the quality of energy supply services
LSI type: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation
Expected result:
Dissemination of the provisions set forth in Chapter IV of Federal Law No.115-FZ "On Concession Agreements" for relations arising in connection with concluding concession agreements in relation to power supply facilities.
Goal: To ensure return on investment in smart energy
LSI type: Federal Law
Date of issue: December 2018
Expected result:
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